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Manage your holiday gift buying

Three easy steps to control your spending

The holidays are upon us. Hopefully, this is a time for relaxation, reconnecting with friends and family, and for a little bit of overindulgence and laughter.

The holidays can also be a time for overspending, which is no joke. If your wallet is usually empty after the holidays, here are three steps that you can follow to ensure you have a few bucks left over in January.

1. Don’t buy gifts for everyone

The first and best method for saving money is to cut down your gift list. If you’re still buying gifts for coworkers, it’s time to reconsider. The same can be said about some of your family members. For example, your nephews’ holidays aren’t going to be ruined if they don’t get a gift from you.

Cards with a nice message are perfect for the adults in your life. And if you must give gifts to children, stickers are cheap and fun.

2. Shop early, shop around, shop online

Most people who shop early do it to avoid the crazy crowds that swell in the streets and malls in late December. But there’s another benefit to shopping early: it gives you the time to find the best prices available for the gifts on your shopping list.

The better price you’re looking for may also be available online. We’re not going to recommend any websites because we’re certain you’ve already got your favourites bookmarked. But always make sure to check out your favourite ecommerce sites to save your hard-earned dough.

3. Set price limits

Get in touch with the adults that you’re buying gifts for and set a limit on how much money you will all spend on each other. This will take the guesswork out of shopping and ensure that no one tries to “out gift” anyone else.

That’s all it takes to save a bunch of money: buy fewer gifts, be a smart shopper and spend less per person. We hope these simple tips help you to start 2015 on the right foot.