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Men Looking For Women: Do/Do Nots of Online Dating

Men, this is for you. If you are

Men, this is for you. If you are online dating here is an insight to what some women (or at least women like me) are looking for.

-Do Spell Check: When setting up your profile, be sure to spell check and avoid text speak. Nothing turns me off more than seeing a profile filled with grammar errors and spelling mistakes. This is your first impression and if you can't even be bothered to make sure your profile is legible, that makes me wonder what else might be wrong with you.

-Do Fill Out Your Profile: And speaking of profiles, actually fill it out. Include info like what you are looking for, whether you have kids, important information so no time is wasted wondering about it. Once again this is your first impression and a blank profile suggests laziness or that you might have something to hide.

-Do Post Multiple Photos: Photos are very important. Not having one at all is unacceptable. Why set up a dating profile if you are not even going to show what you look like? There is someone out there for everyone so now is not the time to not have self-confidence. Just post the nicest current picture you have. Also be sure to post at least 5 different pictures. These should be pics showing you in different poses and in different settings. Posting 5 pictures of you in the same pose in the same location is redundant and lazy.

-Don't Post Your Gripes: When writing your profile be positive and just talk about yourself. No one wants to read about your gripes with women. Again, THIS IS YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION. A rant on your profile tells me that you have issues.

-Don't Talk About Sex: Writing anything at all about sex in your profile is ridiculous. Of course you want sex. Everyone wants sex eventually. Just keep things casual on your profile, and if it is right, sex will happen.

-Don't Send Naked Pics: This is disgusting and creepy. Unless you are asked (which I at least have never done) do not send your naked pics to anyone. Ever!

Hope this helps! Happy dating!