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Nepal Guide For Travelers

Nepal Guide For Travelers

Nepal is situated in the middle of the Himalayas and is known for its exquisite beauty and rich cultural heritage. A variety of experiences are found in Nepal, ranging from the highest mountains on earth to the peaceful lakes of Pokhara.

This Himalayan country keeps something special for adventure lovers, nature enthusiasts and those who love culture.

Here are some of the charming places you should visit when you get to Nepal:

Kathmandu Valley

Visit Kathmandu, a busy capital city where your journey will begin. This animated town brings together different cultures, religions and customs. The tiny streets are teeming with vibrant markets, old temples and historical monuments.

These include:

Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple): An ancient stupa located on top of a hill with an overview of Kathmandu valley. It has flags all over it and there are several monkeys that live here.

Pashupatinath Temple: Situated beside Bagmati River, one among the holiest Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. Observe various ceremonies and rituals which take place in this temple.

Durbar Square: This square which was declared as UNESCO World Heritage site is enclosed by historic palaces, courtyards and pagoda temples displaying architectural expertise during Malla dynasty and scenic spots.

- Phewa Lake: Enjoy a boat ride on the calm water of this lake that is reflecting the grand Annapurna range. Be sure to visit Tal Barahi Temple located on an island in the middle of the lake.

Sarangkot: Get up early for a sunrise view from Sarangkot. From the top of this hill, you will have a magnificent view of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Mountains.

Devis Falls and Gupteshwor Cave: Explore a fascinating waterfall linked with an underground system. There is also a shrine for Lord Shiva found inside it.

World Peace Pagoda: Here, one can trek or take a short hike or even go by boat after which he/she will be able to see beautiful Stupa that looks over Pokhara towards surrounding mountains.

Chitwan National Park

For wildlife enthusiasts, it’s compulsory to visit Chitwan National Park. This UNESCO World Heritage site is home to many species including rare Bengal tigers, Indian black bears, one-horned rhinoceroses and gharial crocodiles.

Things to do here include:

Jungle Safari: Go off on jeep tours or rides on elephants in search of animals where they are normally seen.
Bird Watching: More than five hundred species of birds are said to be registered in Chitwan as it is a habitat for different types of bird species.

- Canoeing: Visit the camp by boat and take a canoe trip to view the crocodiles and other water birds along the Rapti River.

- Tharu Cultural Program: Listen to the live Tharu cultural dance event and take a village tour deep into the community to appreciate the artwork and reserve.

4. Lumbini

Lumbini is a religious place famous among Buddhists also an archeological site as His Holiness GT Buddha was born here. Maya Devi Temple, often known as the birthplace of Lord Buddha which is also considered central to Lumbini, is the Sacred Garden. There are also several monasteries represented as the construction were initiated and funded by various Buddhist societies from different parts of the world and therefore the structures demonstrate architectural designs of the societies.

5. Everest Region

For those who are in search of a real adventure, the Everest region must be on the top of the list. Visiting the Everest Base Camp has always been a dream for people who look forward to going on a trek. The journey is filled with some of the most majestic views of the peak including Mount Everest, Lhoste, and Nupste. On the tour, enthusiasts can immerse themselves into the cultural practices and traditions of the Sherpas, explore the monasteries, and gaze at the Khumbu Icefall and the marvel of the BASE CAM withstanding towering Mount Everest.

6. Annapurna Circuit

Annapurna circuit is one of the best destination treks among all the treks available in the whole world. Through the various terrains one can experience the green forests and valleys, barren desert landscape and weary mountain trails.

Highlights include:

-Thorong La Pass: This is the highest point of the trek standing at 5,416 meters and has wonderful views of the mountains over the Annapurna range.

- Manang and Mustang: These regions offer a rich cultural backdrop of Tibetan flair and ambiance with their native customs and buildings.

- Muktinath Temple: Especially for Hindus and Buddhists, Muktinath is said to be situated at the foothill of the ThorongLa Pass and the natural phenomena like flame and water spouts.

7. Bandipur

Bandipur is a beautiful hill-station that provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the glorious past of the region. A surprise about Bandipur is how traditional buildings are preserved which gives the viewer a view about the past of the country. The town is situated amidst the forests and has beautiful sightseeing of the Himalayan district. Take a walk around the numerous nice streets, check several interesting temples and feel the calm here.

8. Rara Lake

If you are considering going a little out of the norm, then Rara Lake is a totally untouched site in the northwest part of Nepal. Located in the mountains at an elevation of 3013 m, Rara Lake is the largest lake in the country and is bordered by pastures and dense forestation as well as snowy mountain ranges. This region also provides habitation to several other species like red panda, musk deer, and several species of birds. Hiking to the beautiful Rara Lake is rather challenging, but the beauty of the place is worth seeing by those who like solitude.

So come with luggage full as your mind and soul and get ready to let Nepal work its charm on you. Thriving market of Kathmandu, calm beauties of Pokhara, the hot swarming jungles of Chitwan, holy soils of Lumbini and even the mighty Everest – each place will be gently welcoming you with friendly Nepali people and the unparalleled beauty of a country that is so close to the sky.

That's all folks!