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On a Budget? Why Cash May Be Your New Best Friend

If you're trying to make ends meet, striving

If you're trying to make ends meet, striving to build up your savings, or even just saving up for a car or house, a budget is essential. The best way to prevent splurging? Cash!

1. Grocery Shopping - You should know on average what you need to spend for the items you need. Bring that amount in cash (add twenty if you're nervous about your math) and start shopping. When you know you have to stay within your means and have no plastic to back you up, you'll skimp on the items you may just be craving at the time.

2. Clothes - Maybe you need new jeans or an outfit for work. Map out the pricing online and bring that amount to the mall. You won't be able to accidentally buy two additional tops, a necklace that brings out the color of your eyes, and a new bottle of perfume.

3. For Lunch/Dinner - If you go out for lunch every day or when you decide to go out to dinner, figure out what you'll need to spend. You can stop yourself from buying extra appetizers or sides when you stick to your plan exactly.