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One last chance—Chuck Negron

“I ended up on the streets, living out of a paper bag. No one could tolerate me, and all family and friends had long given up. I had hepatitis C and pneumonia. I was a shell of my former self.

In September of 1991, I was put into a program called Cri-Help for one last chance at coming clean. Cri-Help was a boot camp environment that forced one to surrender. I was dying and tormented in the agony of both heroin and methadone withdrawal. I asked Mike Finnigan (a professional musician and singer who had toured with Crosby, Stills and Nash) for advice and he told me, “Get through this day and pray to the Lord.” I remember it as the day that I did just that, and went to bed.

I had my first good sleep in months, and awoke knowing a miracle had happened! A window had opened where I had asked for just a ray of hope. I felt an empowering feeling that I could get through anything, and that feeling stayed with me through the tough elements of recovering. God blessed me with another chance.”

Bio: Chuck Negron was one of the three lead singers of Three Dog Night, which, in the early part of the seventies, was one of the top rock ‘n’ roll acts in the world, releasing twelve consecutive gold albums. His voice is still continually heard today as the lead singer on songs such as One, Joy to the World, Easy to Be Hard and Old Fashioned Love Song. His biggest challenge was breaking a 20+ year heroin habit--he successfully did so in 1991. Provided by: