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Perfect Cruise Organizer

I went on a three day cruise back

I went on a three day cruise back in December, and I did not know how I would keep all my doodads from ending up in disarray. At first, I thought I would keep them all in my luggage. But that would have meant that I would have had to go in my luggage every time to retrieve something.

So, I got this great idea. I went and bought an over the door shoe organizer. It was a organizer made with plastic pockets, but instead of putting the shoes in them; I put my things in. Stuff like: sunblock, extra bottles of shampoo, soap, pens and pencils, brushes, etc. were all neatly kept in a very reachable place. The pockets were transparent; so I could easy see everything.

Plastic over the door shoe organizers can be found a places like Wal-Mart of Target. They are fairly cheap/affordable.

I kept mine on the back of my bathroom door, and it really helped. With the limited storage that some staterooms have, this could be a big help.