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Prepare your house for the winter

Make sure furnace filter is clean and you

Make sure furnace filter is clean and you have a few spares.

Make sure the area around your furnace is clear of storage.

If you have a wood burning appliance, have the chimney cleaned.

Clean out your gutters after the leaves have fallen. Support tail of down spout up off the ground to help prevent freeze up blockage.

Check that door seals and sweeps are in good working order.

Drafty last winter? Check caulking on the exterior for gaps or missing caulking.

This is not always the cause but it can be and is the easiest to resolve.

Check the tree branches in your yard for any that are hanging low or might be hazardous during a winter storm. Remember that Coniferous trees (Evergreens) hold more snow so there branches will droop more.

One more thing to do is check your attic for proper ventilation. Rafter spaces at the bottom edge need to be clear into the soffit. This allow cold air to enter so the hot air can exit. So often I see this area blocked because of the thought of letting cold air into the house. A properly vented attic helps to maximize your shingle life as well as keep your home cooler in the summer next year.