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Facebook is so mainstream now it is almost

Facebook is so mainstream now it is almost unusual to come across a person who does not have an account. But even with how popular Facebook is, it is common for me to come across people who don't know how to change their settings. One setting that people have trouble with are the privacy settings. Now of course the easiest way to make sure people don't see something you don't want them to see, is to simply not post it in the first place. But if you are like me, and you absolutely need to share that pic of the awesome dessert you got, but don't want certain people to see it, make sure to check who will see it before posting. On the main Facebook page, to the left of the post button, you will see a drop down list. It says "Friends," "Public," "Only Me," or "Custom." This way you can easily control who sees what you post each and every time.