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Project Case Study and Report (Dulux Acratex Cool Roof Commercial)

Dulux COOLROOF Cool Roof Commercial White with InfraCOOL™ Technology


Project Name: Wentworth Falls Country Club

Project Address: 206 Blaxland Road, Wentworth Falls NSW2782

Project completion date: January 2023

Flat Deck / Colorbond klip- lok Roof Structure – MAXIUMUM SOLAR ABSORPTION

ROOF AREA: 2000m2 Roof Repaired & coated.

Cool Roof Applicator: Duravex Roofing - Dulux Acratex Accredited Applicator

52b Heathcote Rd, Moorebank NSW 2170

[email protected] I 1300 492 880


Dulux COOLROOF Cool Roof Commercial White with InfraCOOL™ Technology

Repair and restore existing damaged Colorbond klip – Lok Colorbond metal

Repair water leak issues, fix the deteriorating roof appearance and safe
Environment for Workers & Patrons

Commercial roof restoration creates a watertight membrane by coating your
roof. The flat roof system's top is exposed to weather daily. This delays
system degradation, extending roof life.

Previously Coated Metal Roof
Heavy Rust Damaged flashing & substrate
Zinculume flat deck Without sisilation


Due to their large surface area and exposure,Roof
Surfaces capture enormousamounts of the suns
energy and thus COOL ROOFS offer potential
cooling energy savings of 20-40%*, resulting in
direct cost and green house gas emission savings.

Dulux® InfraCOOL™ technology works by maximising
TOTALSOLAR REFLECTION including the (invisible)
infra-red portion of the suns energy which accounts for
over 50% of the suns total solar energy.

Dulux® AcraTex® Cool Roof Commercial with InfraCOOL®Technology

Inspection and surface preparation

Two coat Cool Roof System installation

Cool Roof Installerprogram

Cool Roof Material Warranty

Workmanship Guarantee when applied by Registered Cool Roof Installers

Cool Roof System components

Water based

High build, heat reflective primer

Direct adhesion to GI and Zincalume

AcraTex Roof Bond GI with InfraCOOL Technology

Water based

High build, heat reflective membrane top coat

Low glare White for maximum solar reflection and roof surface

cooling efficiency

X-linking membrane technology


A. Reflects Radiation, Lessens Heat

Weathered Galv/Zincalume and Dark Coloured roofs often absorb large amounts of solar radiation which
canin-turn transmit heat into occupancy zones. Cool Roofs reflect light energy in the first instance - before
heat is absorbed, meaning insulation & cooling efficiencies are maximised.

B. Can Help Reduce Cooling Costs

Less Heat penetration can lower cooling energy demand. Comparative Studies identify significant cooling
energy savings are possible using Cool Roof Technology.

C. Can Improve OccupancyComfort

In non-air conditioned facilities such as workshops and warehousing, cool roofs can translate to cooler
workingand warehousing facilities.

D.Can Lower Carbon Footprintin warm climates

By lowering cooling energy demand,Cool Roofs have been identified as part of an effective mitigation strategy,
to reduce global carbon emissions.


What is a COOL ROOF

COOLROOFS reflect the sun’s light back into space BEFORE it can be absorbed and transferred as heat to the building below.

Reflection in the first instance should be the primary control of Radiant heat gain (Sun light) rather than relying on“after the event” insulation to hold back the heat load otherwise absorbed.

Highlighting the importance of COOL ROOFS,in climates like Australia, where the prominent source of a buildings heat gainis Radiant Sunlight and up to 93% of a buildings heat gain in summer is attributable to Radiant heat,REFLECTIVE COOL ROOFS should be a key focus in combating heat gain, reducing energy costs and its associated greenhouse (power) emissions.

Over 50% of the suns energy (sunlight) is invisible InfraRedenergy and thus COOL ROOF technology is effective on both the light we see (colour) and invisible InfraRed light, delivering maximum TOTAL SOLAR REFLECTION for the selected colour – meaning even dark colours can be made cooler.

Dulux COOL ROOF White deliversmaximum cooling benefitsreflecting over 90% of the Suns total light energy