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Revamp 90's Tech Part 2 - CDs

The digital age simply has no room for

The digital age simply has no room for these clunky spindles. If you have empty, broken, or scratched cds sitting around, turn them into something new with these tips:

1. Invitations - Cd's make for funky and interesting party and special occasion invites. Write the deets of your festivity and any other info your guests may need and pop them in the nearest mailbox.

2.Clocks - If you're feeling crafty, stop by your local hobby shop and pick up a clock kit. Assemble the kit on the back side of the cd to create your nifty clock. Create multiple clocks or color/paint them to your liking. You can also use cd labels to print out a unique design.

3. Decor - There are limitless ways to make wall decor and art out of cds. Loop them together to create hanging cd art/curtains or break apart the pieces to create funky disco balls. You can also paint and glue the pieces to metal armbands or bracelets, or clear Christmas ornaments.