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Revamp 90's Tech Part 4 - Audio Cassettes

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Okay, audio cassette tapes may not be solely

Okay, audio cassette tapes may not be solely tied to the 90s, but any 90s teen or kids had a stockpile of them. If you still have some lying around, here are some great upcycling ideas:

1. Lampshapes - Glue cassette tapes together to form a rectangular lampshade (paint clear Mod Podge over top to ensure solidity). Attach to a lampshade bracket for a retro lighting accessory.

2. Glue 4 cassettes together to create nifty pen and pencil holders. Add cardboard to the bottom to keep the contents inside. You can use these to store all different types of odds and ends.

3. Wallets/Change Purses - Pop 1 cassette tape in half and take out the tape inside. Glue the outer shells to a change purse (or if you're crafty construct your own) for a neat way to store money.