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Roman cassock


➤The cassock is made single-breasted in Roman style

➤The cassock can be made from any of the following fabric options

* Polyester blend viscose fabric.

* Japanese Polyester (Additional Charges Included)

➤ It is completely lined.

➤ The cassock has 2 pockets one on each side.

➤ The cassock is made with a single pleat at the back.

➤ The collar type is optional in 2 types

* Rabat Collar

* Tab Collar

➤ The cassock is made without a cincture loop but it can be made with a cincture loop at no extra cost

Shoulder Cape

➤ The shoulder cape can either be made attached or detachable from the cassock.

➤ The cassock and shoulder cape are finished with matching colored trims.

Band Cincture

➤ A matching Band Cincture of width 5 inches is provided with the cassock.

➤ The band cincture has a Velcro closure.

➤ The ends of the cincture have knotted fringes.


➤ Zucchetto is optional for an additional $15 only.