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Dulux Acratex Roofing System aims to make the

Dulux Acratex Roofing System aims to make the roof restoration process simple.

Duravex is a Dulux Registered Roof Restorer. Roofing product distribution:

Dulux® Roof Membrane Next Generation has been designed to endure the worst Australian solar conditions, and roofs give the most extreme exposure conditions for coatings and pigments.

The Dulux AcraTex® manufacturing facilities have achieved ISO 9001 and 14001 Quality and Environmental Management certification and the Roof Membrane products have been developed and rated for exterior exposure to meet or exceed the colour durability standards set out in APAS 0280 - Australian Paint Approvals Scheme, Specification for High-Quality Latex Paint - Exterior.

The colour change is a natural process that takes time, and some fading is to be expected with weathering. One reason roof membranes fade or lose their colour intensity over time is chalking, or the breakdown of the acrylic binder under bright sunlight to reveal some of the coating pigments on the surface.

Washing a roof surface regularly will help remove chalkiness and other materials that can deposit on a roof and cause it to fade.

REMEMBER: The formation of algae, mould, and lichen on roof surfaces is mainly caused by environmental variables, colour selection, and the build-up of dirt and pollutants over time. A monthly maintenance programme to remove deposits that promote these growths will help keep your roof looking great for a more extended period.

Duravex Roofing: Dulux Acratex Accredited Applicator may arrange a roof assessment and price using excellent Dulux roofing supplies.

Call Duravex Roofing immediately at 1300 492 880 to discuss your choices.