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Saving a Wet Cell Phone - Tips to Help!

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We all make mistakes, and dropping your cell

We all make mistakes, and dropping your cell phone in some form of water is a common accident that can cost cell phone users hundreds. Instead of replacing a wet cell phone, try one of these tips to salvage your phone:

1. Perform Emergency Surgery - After quickly drying the outside, take the backing off of your cell phone. Remove the battery, sim card (if applicable), and any other accessories attached to the phone. If only a small amount of water splashed onto the phone, trying laying the pieces on a towel and checking your phone in a half hour.

2. Suck Out Excess Moisture - If your phone was exposed to a good amount of water, after taking the backing and battery out, try to suck the moisture out. Use a hand nozzle on a vacuum or shop vac to pull water out from the device. Never use a hair dryer. This can push water into the phone and prevent more serious damage.

3. Dry It Out - If your phone still doesn't work after trying these tips, set it in a bowl of rice for the night. Try to flip the phone into different positions every hour or so, to make sure water is being pulled out from every possible angle.