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Scott Thorman—Become a More Complete Hitter

Becoming a better, more complete hitter starts with

Becoming a better, more complete hitter starts with hitting mechanics.

Former MLB and Team Canada 1st baseman Scott Thorman has always been a big believer in firing your hips on every swing.

“Fire your back hip towards the pitcher on every swing. Every swing should finish roughly in the same area with your hips completely open and facing towards the pitcher. This allows maximum rotation and it allows you to keep your legs under you and really drive the ball, as opposed to swinging with your arms or getting out in front of a pitch.”

It’s as simple as practicing your swing. Repetition is key in baseball. Get in your stance with a bat and slowly go through your swing. Focus on each aspect over and over again until firing your hips becomes the natural thing to do. Take it from a former MLB player—it works.

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