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Scott Thorman—Believe in Yourself Ball Players

For baseball players that have signed professional contracts and are playing in the lower ranks of minor league baseball it can be a grind. Both physically and mentally. Your dream is close, you have your opportunity, and now it’s up to you to perform.

Take it from former MLB and Team Canada 1st baseman Scott Thorman. He was where you were and he made it to where you want to be. His best advice for minor league ball players:

“The biggest thing is: Believe in yourself. If you’re in professional baseball, minor leagues or major leagues or whatever, you got there for a reason. You got there because you have the ability to be there. Somebody believes in you, at some point, somebody thought that you have the ability to play in the big leagues, and you need to remember that. It’s going to be tough and it is hard. There is a lot of travel and there’s a lot of instability but at the same time, when you break it down, you’re being paid to play baseball. That’s a once in a life time opportunity, that tons of people dream about and you’re living it and it’s the greatest thing in the world.”