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Scott Thorman - Know Your Role Baseball Players

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There are many different approaches hitters can take in the game of baseball. The best hitters, find which approach works best for them and they focus on getting as good as they possibly can at it.

Former MLB and Team Canada 1st baseman Scott Thorman advises kids to find their own style and exploit it for all it’s worth.

“At 15, 16, 17, and 18 years old hitters start to separate themselves, their style, and their play. Not everybody can hit for power, just like not everyone can be a speed demon and steal bases and beat out infield hits every time. So I think when you get into that age range and you start to establish what kind of player you are, maybe you’re a power hitter; or you’re a gap-to-gap doubles hitter; or you’re a high average, low power guy; or a bunt, small ball kind of guy, it’s important to realize what kind of hitter you are and work on that strength.”

Not everybody can be a homerun and RBI machine. Those guys wouldn’t exist without players getting on base for them. Everyone on a team has a role—find what you’re great at, practice it as much as possible, and you’ll find yours