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Security Doors

One of the most manufactured options for security doors, in the ScreenGuard range, are hinged and sliding screen doors.<

All ScreenGuard hinged and sliding doors have been tested in accordance with Australian Standards AS5039.
ScreenGuard offers the ultimate in security and protection, without compromising on visibility.

Screen fold windows or doors consist of a series of hinged panels that slide back neatly against the wall or jamb.

Screenguard Screen- Fold Doors
Screenguard Screen-Fold doors provides a clear view of the outside and comes in a series of 316 marine grade panels that unfold like a concertina against the wall. Single-leaf doors are common in most modern homes, but they can be incredibly inconvenient when you want to maximize your home’s space. With ScreenGuard screen fold doors, you can live largely.

Same with bifold patio doors, you can extend your living space and expand your horizons. As for the small bifold windows, these can pass through a countertop ideal for an outdoor bar.