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Sending Expired Coupons to Military Families

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No more recycling expired coupons! Did you know that military families stationed overseas can use coupons for up to six months after they expire? I have been researching this program, Coupons to Troops, and am going to start sending them my expired coupons. There are a few restrictions and coupons must be sorted into food and non-food catergories. Please label each bundle before you send them, after they are separated!

What can I send?

Send only Manufacturer Coupons; Do NOT send store or restaurant coupons.
Pleas do NOT send coupons that are over 30 days expired. This is so that the military families have time to use the coupons as it can take some time to get there.
Military families can shop at two stores- one is more food (Commisary) and one is more like a department store (PX or BX) so the sorting helps speed up the process once the coupons arrive.