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Shoes, shoes, shoes.

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Proper running shoes -- and replacing them as

Proper running shoes -- and replacing them as often as you should -- are crucial to your success as a runner. Start with getting fitted for a high-quality pair of running shoes at a store that has an entire running department, and lots of people working there to help you. You should be able to choose shoes based on your knees, arch of your feet, and whether you walk on the inside of your feet or the outside of your feet. Once you have the shoes, be sure to log your miles. Even good quality shoes wear out in 300-400 miles -- you might not notice it happening, but you'll notice yourself getting sore or strain on your joints. Donate or toss them and buy a new pair. It seems expensive, but if you're running outside think of it this way: you're spending about $100 on shoes every few months, as opposed to the gym membership you'd be paying each month to train indoors.