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Single Parents: Making Time For Yourself

As a single parent, it can be difficult to find time to breathe alone, let alone exercise or relax. You're constantly on the go, not to mention most single parents feel the need to compensate and play the role of both mom and dad.

Still, it's important to take time for yourself, for your sake and your child's. How?

1. Try exercising in the morning, before your child wakes up. Not only will you be more awake when they do get up, but you'll be more energized, too.

2. Join an affordable gym, like the YMCA. While you're working out, they can take swim lessons. This gives you time to yourself, while keeping both of you in shape.

3. Be sure to stick with consistent bedtime and relax for at least a half hour after putting them to bed. Unwinding is important for any parent and most will find it's easier to sleep when they've had at least 30 minutes to themselves.

These tips brought to you by single parent, Debra Jeannette.