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Start Up Your Show With Style

Going to concerts is a lot of fun, but planning them is a whole different story. Charles Johns, the founder of the Bloomington, Ind.-based E&C Entertainment, has organized various successful shows and has admitted to the stressfulness of getting everything set up. However, his experience has given him several tips that have made the show planning process easier.

Prior to the event, Johns said that advertising is vital. Initial advertisements should go out one month in advance so that people will be able to accommodate their schedules. After that, another wave of advertising should be sent out two weeks before the event. Johns said that, based on experience, this interval is just the right point to capture the attention and attendance of anyone on the fence about going.

For when the show is actually going on, Johns had even more knowledge to share. Regulation of entry into the show is hard to do and varies based on the venue, but if you can find a means of regulation, Johns said, stick with it. When it comes to dealing with performers and setup, Johns recommended that there should be at least an hour of flow time built into your schedule to accommodate for any lateness or unexpected delays. On a related note, Johns stressed that, in between acts, there should be some alternate form of entertainment provided for the crowd, such as foosball tables.

Using these tips, any shows you plan should run more smoothly and with less stress.