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Step By Step Guide for Dulux Acratex Terracotta Roof Restoration

Dulux Acratex Terracotta Roof Restoration Service in Sydney

Dulux Acratex Terracotta Roof Restoration Service in Sydney
Terracotta roof tiles are one of the best you can buy due to their durability and quality. Terracotta roof restoration is one of our most popular services because many Sydney properties use Terracotta tiles. Our goal is to give you a stunning, valuable roof. No moss, broken tiles, or leaks.

Sydney homes love terracotta tiles for good reason. They never decay or warp. Terracotta tiles can withstand snow, sun, wind, and hail, ensuring a 50-year lifespan. We restore terracotta roofs to preserve your tiles! Duravex Roofing loves restoring terracotta roofs to their former glory.

When well-maintained, tiled roofs are stunning! These roofs collect dirt, dust, stains, moss, lichen, and broken tiles over time. This makes your home look bad and can cause leaks. Duravex Roofing can repair even the worst terracotta roofs, so we guarantee your satisfaction!

Every roof has drawbacks. Heavy terracotta tiles may require roof backing. Tiles cost more. Terracotta tiles are fragile, so be careful when maintaining your roof. Luckily, they’re interchangeable.

We start roof restoration by replacing broken tiles. We will replace rusted valley irons and re-cement ridge capping to seal all join lines. After these necessary repairs, we clean the tiles with a high-pressure hose to remove dirt, grime, and stains. Then, an antifungal treatment prevents mould, moss, and lichen from growing, preserving the “just cleaned” look. Re-pointing all ridge capping completes the terracotta roof restoration.

Our terracotta roof experts use only the best treatments on your tiles.

What’s the Difference Between Terracotta and Tile Roof Restorations?

Our skilled roofers use cutting-edge technology to preserve your terracotta tiles. Knowing what each restoration needs is crucial. A regular tile roof restoration does not adhere the terracotta tile to the roof coating, but a special terracotta glaze does.

What Are Terracotta Roof Restoration Signs?

Terracotta roof restoration is indicated by several signs. Mould is a key indicator. Mould on tiles will cause them to decompose, so contact Duravex Roofing immediately. Old, glazed terracotta tiles delaminate. Water under the glaze can cause a roof replacement if not stopped. A terracotta roof restoration will fix any broken tiles on a mature roof.

Terracotta Roof Experts

For over 25 years, we have restored, repaired, and roofed terracotta roofs in Sydney and Western Sydney. We protect terracotta roofs from the harsh Australian sun.

Terracotta Roof Restoration Process: 5 Steps?

1.Roof Inspection

Check your roof for damage first. Walk the roof from one end to end, checking for damage. Cracked or broken tiles, punctured metal sheets (hail damage or falling objects), or old tiles in danger of breaking are typical damages. Leakage is also checked. Damaged areas should be photographed for systematic repair. Roof walking requires non-slip boots. This prevents accidents. Depending on roof size, roof inspection takes an hour. You don’t want to miss any damage during roof restoration, so it’s crucial. Roof restoration is done every 5–10 years.

2. Roof Washing

High-pressure roof washing follows. This cleans the roof of years of dirt and debris. Gutter cleaning is essential. Cleaning removes dirt, revealing damaged areas.

Water running over the roof is a good time to check for roof leaks. Water leaks or seepage should be marked or photographed for repair.

Before applying chemical treatment or coating, the roof must be thoroughly cleaned.

3. Roof Repairs

This may be the most important roof restoration step. Repairing a roof involves following up on every damage point found during assessment. Broken roof tiles are carefully replaced and repaired. Poor workmanship can leak water.

Roof repair is the main reason to hire a professional for roof restoration. A skilled roofer can restore your roof to new condition. Terracotta roofing tile replacement requires special tools.

4.Chemical Terracotta Roof Tiles Treatment

After repairs, Duravex roofing applies Dulux Acratex roof protective coating. This extends roof life. Different coating chemicals perform differently. Waterproofing, thermal insulation, rustproofing, etc.

5. Final Roof & Drone Assessment

Post-job evaluations should follow the above steps. Another roof walkthrough and drone video are necessary to find any missed areas. This last step ensures everything is done correctly.

Restore an old roof? Duravex Roofing offers low-cost quotes. We use top-notch equipment and highly skilled roofers to complete each project.

Dulux Acratex offers a generous 15-year warranty. Dulux Acratex roof coating products are tested to ensure quality and durability. Duravex Roofing certified to provide this warranty.

Call Duravex Roofing for a free quote on cracked or mouldy terracotta tiles. We will promptly repair your roof.

With over 15 years of industry experience, we always do a great job. Call 1300 492 880 for Sydney’s best terracotta roof restorers!