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Stop Compulsive Buying

We have all went shopping and came home

We have all went shopping and came home with things that were not even on the list. Stores encourage compulsive buying by putting those small and cheap products on your path to the register. Is just me or is it only when you see two for a buck scrub pads next to the magazine rack by the register does this feeling of "I need them because they're cheap" feel come over you? If it is not just me, then here are some ways to keep you from picking them up and a lot more.

DO NOT go to the store with your credit or debit card. Also, do not take a large sum of cash. Only bring enough for what your plan on buying. For me, most quick store runs should only take as much as $20 dollars. So, that is all that I take. Credit and debit cards are easy to abuse as swiping is so easy. Eliminate that by leaving them home and bringing a small amount of cash. Another thing, when you get to the store, make a beeline for the item(s) you want and then the register. Do not go walking around. This will only lead to sticky fingers.

If you plan it right and keep the cash at a low, your compulsive shopping will be a thing of the past. Not only will more money be in your savings but you house will less crowded. Good luck!