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Successful Selling on Ebay

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Posting an item on ebay can be stressful,

Posting an item on ebay can be stressful, "What should I include in the description?" "What should I start the bidding at?" "What should I charge for shipping?"

The good news is that you have all of the answers you need...right in the ebay search function.

All you need to do is search for the item (or a very similar item) that you want to sell, make sure you click on the "advanced" section next to the search bar and check the box labeled "show completed listings". This will show you all of the auctions that have ended for you item. Take a look at a few of the successful auctions (the ones that sold) and pay attention to the important things:

How did they title the listing?
What did they charge for shipping?
What did they include in the description?
What did the item sell for?

This should give you a great starting template for your item description, as well as give you a good idea of what to charge for shipping and even a ballpark on what your item may sell for. Don't be afraid to start the bidding at much lower than what you want. People will "watch" your auction and most of the bidding will be done in the last few hours.

Good luck and happy selling!