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Surviving the Moving Process

Moving can seem like an impossible task, but

Moving can seem like an impossible task, but doing these things can make it so much easier!

1. When packing go one room at a time. Specifically label your boxes and pack them into the truck/trailer etc. this way. Then when your moving in place those boxes in the corresponding room and unpack one room at a time. Then you don't have to wonder where things are and search through a bunch of boxes.
2. Plan ahead and bring a cooler with water and snacks. Moving makes you hungry and thirsty!
3. Enlist friends/family (or bribe them with dinner or something) to help! Unloading all of your things will go so much faster with three or four people!
4. Carefully pack all fragile items and put those in a special place where nothing will fall on them. This way those helping you will know, and you will remember. (You may think you will remember but chances are you will be moving a lot of stuff!)