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Take your business to the next level—Chamber of Commerce benefits

Four ways to “Connect” with your Chamber Membership:
• Focus:
The Chamber helps build stronger businesses, and stronger communities by staying focused and involved in the top business priorities. We’ve been doing this since 1889.
• Impact:
Our advocacy efforts include the Prosperity Round Table initiative, which consists of seven individual Task Teams all working on local business issues, as well as a healthy working relationship with City and County Governments. “The Voice of Business” is not only loud and clear at the municipal level, but Provincially and Federally through the Ontario and Canadian Chambers.
• Reputation:
Consumers are 63% more likely to buy from a Chamber member… The Chamber “Brand” is not only strong, but valuable to your business. Your Chamber membership can provide an immediate and effective level of trust, and communicate that your company utilizes good business practices.
• Economic Opportunity:
The Chamber gives you unmatched access to the business community through our promotion, advertising, and sponsorship vehicles. In addition, we provide numerous opportunities to meet fellow business people – a very effective way to build your business, since it’s often who we know that makes us successful. Savings are also important, and we deliver through our affinity programs such as the Chamber Insurance Program, Esso Business Card Program, and our Chamber Market coupons.