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I was on a flight to Florida on a winter night in 1988 and had run out of reading material. As a last resort, I started to talk to the man beside me. His name was Peter Daglish and he was coming back from Ethiopia, where he had worked with street children, of which 23% were carrying the AIDS virus. We discussed how one could educate these children of third world countries, and as the plane landed we concluded that we would make an animated film to do this. This project led to the creation of a charity, Street Kids International.

We raised $2.5 million dollars, and garnered support from some of the best animators in the business. A film was produced which was described as an educational primer for the 21st century. More importantly, it has now been translated into 23 different languages, and shown to millions of viewers.
Frank O’Dea, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist
Reprinted with permission