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Tanker Truck at the Gas Station?

Geo Metro finally running on fumes? Time to

Geo Metro finally running on fumes? Time to find the nearest Citgo, but here's a quick tip! If you see the gas tanker truck refilling the tanks at the station, your best off finding another place to fill up.

When the tanks at gas stations get low or empty, they call in the tankers to refill them. The thing is, when the trucks refill the tanks, the sediment at the bottom of the tanks tends to get stirred up and float to the top. If you are one of the first people to fill up before that sediment has settled, it can get in your gas tank.

Why is that bad? The sediment can clog up your fuel filters and fuel lines, and cause your car to seize and die. If you really have no option but to fill up, try getting a bottle of fuel injector cleaner to help smooth out the process. It's never really a bad idea anyway!