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Teacher Interview:How to prevent cyber bullying in schools

I got an interview with Alex Roseburn, a

I got an interview with Alex Roseburn, a teacher in my local area, discussing cyber bullying and what can be done to prevent online bullying happening in schools.

The wider search powers included in the Education Act 2011 gives teachers stronger powers to tackle cyber-bullying, do you think electronic devices such as mobile phones should be allowed into schools?

“They wouldn’t be allowed to have them in the classroom, I think children are losing the art of communicating and the skills for conversation with one another due to the phones and texting and emails.

How can schools prevent cyber bullying happening inside the school?

“I think it might be impossible for schools to prevent cyber bullying happening in the school. Obviously they will monitor computer use and if children feel cyber bullying is happening to them that they have got appropriate adults that can deal with the situation”.