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Teacher Interview:What pupils can do to prevent Cyber Bullying

I got an interview with Alex Roseburn, a

I got an interview with Alex Roseburn, a teacher in my local area, discussing cyber bullying and what can be done to prevent online bullying happening in schools.

What advice would you give to those who are being bullied online?

Pupils if they are being bullied online need to speak out, they need to tell adults, tell the teachers, tell parents. Get in touch with the social networks and report what’s happening to them. Get on to the phone manufacturers get these people blocked from incoming texts and emails and in extreme cases to inform the police.

What can schools do to support the victims of cyber bullying?

"Schools need to highlight this problem to show that it is going on and take responsibility for it. Children should be safeguarded whether they are in school. The school should create an ethos of the school where adults are approachable and children can trust in the adults to deal with that are going on like this".