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Telephone Etiquette

You ever talk on the phone with someone

You ever talk on the phone with someone only to find that he or she goes on and on and on without taking a breath to pause or to hear your response? I have been in many a conversation like this and it can be grueling to endure (all the more when you are hungry, tired or pressed for time).

Whenever conversing with someone on the phone it's important for both parties to be mindful of the other, which means that one person should not talk for the majority of the conversation. Slow down, exhale, and remember that someone else is on the receiving end. Effective communication is reciprocal and, hopefully, enjoyable.

Please consider each other on the telephone. And if you must escape a tedious talk with a loquacious friend or relative, then coyly make up a legitimate excuse for ending the call (e.g., I need to grab dinner or finish my homework). Don't bother to use the well-known "I can't hear you b/c of static" trick!