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The Baseball Sock Drill

Jamie Trull is the manager of the Burlington

Jamie Trull is the manager of the Burlington Bandits and the pitching coach for the Brock Badgers, he offers a quirky, ‘works anywhere’ drill for kids looking to get better at home.

“There’s another thing that’s out there, if you want to simulate throwing or pitching, and it’s a drill where you actually put your hand inside of a baseball or soccer sock, with a ball in your hand you tape the sock to your wrist. So now you can actually throw and release the ball but it’s not going anywhere. It stays in the sock. It’s something that’s a little different, and it can be done anywhere, so if you’re willing to try that it’s a good simulation of being able to throw without going outside or needing a partner.”

The sock drill allows you to go through your actual mechanics and you’re using the same arm speed as you would be using outside.”

Give a try at home, don’t cheap out on the tape and please don’t do it in front of your parents expensive flat-screen TV, you don’t want to be responsible for that!