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The Best Gelato in Rome

Fellow Tipsters, I have undergone some gruelling research

Fellow Tipsters, I have undergone some gruelling research on your behalf. I have tasted my way around practically every Gelataria in Rome, a lick of lemon here, a suck of strawberry there, to find the definitive answer to the question...where sells the best gelato?!

And the answer is... San Crispino. There ice cream is easily the best I have ever tasted, and it is all made freshly by the owner. It's creamy, not grainy and utterly delicious! There are at least 20 different flavours, and I'm not just talking run of the mill vanilla and chocolate! Try their signature Honey ice cream, it's incredible! Or how about zabaglione, peach or ricotta? At 2.50euro for two scoops it's not going to break the bank, so you can try them all!

Next time you're in bella Italia, head to the Pantheon and you'll find San Crispino in a little cobbled square right in front of it.

I promise you won't be disappointed!