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Tips for a Fantastic Powerpoint Presentation

One of the best ways to do a

One of the best ways to do a presentation is to do it by powerpoint. Yet, many people have a hard time creating a presentation that is not only engaging, but also informative.

So, I have comprised a short list to help make your powerpoint presentations great. So, here goes:

1.) Keep your points short on the slide.

> If using bullet points, make sure to summarize. Putting a lot of words together for your key points will make the slide too crowded. Also, it could be an eyesore for your audience. By having short and summed up points, it will not only make it easier to read for your audience, but also easier to follow.

2.) Do not get crazy with the pictures or word art.

>This could take away from your presentation as well as distract your audience. Don't get me wrong. Be creative, but don't over do it. Give your presentation a balance.

3.) Always have an overview slide before you get into the presentation.

>An overview slide is basically the table of contents of your presentation. It shows your audience what you are about to talk about and the order in which they will be discussed.

4.) Be well rehearsed and knowledgeable about what you are presenting.

>Audience members are bound to ask you questions. By having a thorough understanding of your topic, this will have you prepared. Plus, it gives you credibility.

5.) Practic, practice, practice!

>I cannot stress practicing enough. This not only makes for a great flowing presentation, but it also gives you confidence.

Now you are ready to present. Good luck!