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Tips For Being a TV Producer

Recently, I interviewed Pamela S., a Story Producer

Recently, I interviewed Pamela S., a Story Producer at M2 Pictures. She has been in production since 2000. She had the following to share for anyone looking to work as a Producer:

"The most important tips I can give about being a producer are to stay completely organized, know everything that is going on at all times, and be resourceful. The producer is the keeper of all information and is the person that everyone else comes to for answers. To make sure you have all of the answers, it is important to constantly be talking to people on your team and checking in to see how things are going. If you are in the loop about all aspects of the project, it is much easier to come up with a solution when there are setbacks. Additionally, knowing how and where to find information is key. I often get questions about events or conversations that happened months to years in the past. If you are organized from minute one, even if you can’t remember the details off the top of your head, you will know where to go to get them. And finally, being resourceful is what makes the job interesting. Producers are often the problem solvers. So don’t dismiss the obvious, but think outside of the box. Continue to look at situations from different angles/perspectives and in new ways. Some of the most creative ideas come finding a new approach to working around problems."