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Tips for Teachers: Classroom Participation & Students Who Stutter

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Answering Questions: 1. As you are asking questions

Answering Questions:

1. As you are asking questions in the classroom, you can do certain things to make it easier for a child who stutters.

2. Initially, until he adjusts to the class, ask him questions that can be answered with relatively few words.

3. If every child is going to be asked a question, call on the child who stutters fairly early. Tension and worry can build up the longer he has to wait his turn.

4. Assure the whole class that (1) they will have as much time as they need to answer questions, and (2) you are interested in having them take time and think through their answers, not just answer quickly.

Reading Aloud in Class:

1. Many children who stutter are able to handle oral reading tasks in the classroom satisfactorily, particularly if they are encouraged to practice at home. There will be some, however, who will stutter severely while reading aloud in class. The following suggestions may help these children.

2. Most children who stutter are fluent when reading in unison with someone else. Rather than not calling on the child who stutters, let him have his turn with one of the other children. Let the whole class read in pairs sometimes so that the child who stutters doesn't feel "special." Gradually he may become more confident and be able to manage reading out loud on his own.