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Tips on Choosing a Crisis Communications Consultant

It's hard to think about times of crisis when business is operating as usual, but all businesses should have a crisis plan -- and, if possible -- a crisis team in place to deal with disaster. Here, Empathia offers four tips to choosing the perfect crisis consultant for your business.

1. Search for a consultant who offers both a strategic and tactical perspective. The consultant should have a vision of where the organization needs to go as well as the action steps necessary to achieve this vision.

2. Always conduct due diligence on the consultants you are considering and interview the consultants, asking for documented case studies regarding their specific training models, testing practices and more.

3. Focus on consultants who are committed to collaborating with you before, during and after a crisis. These consultants will learn about your business, priorities and culture immediately upon contracting with you. And, in the event of a crisis, they will meet with your key stakeholders to review losses and lessons learned.

4. Seek professionals who have experience as both consultants and as consumers of crisis communications services. These individuals will have a fuller understanding of your needs and challenges.

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