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Tips on Organizing your Kitchen if you have Arthritis

If you have arthritis, every extra stretching, bending,

If you have arthritis, every extra stretching, bending, or tippy-toes situation can be excruciating. Kitchens are notorious for their awkward storage, but you can alleviate pain and enjoy your kitchen with these organizational tips for arthritis sufferers, brought to you by Mom's Meals.

1. Think about what goes where.
The first step to making your kitchen arthritis friendly is to simply put the most used items in the most accessible places. Which cupboards or shelves are easiest to access? Which require the least amount of reaching and bending? Put kitchen tools in those easy-to-reach locations, so searching is not required.

2. Get the right tools.
If a poor carpenter is one who blames the tools, the same is true for many of us in the kitchen. Today, many kitchen tools are easy for arthritis sufferers to use. Look for utensils with big, cushy, easy to grip handles. Stop sweating over hand-held can openers and splurge for an electric can opener. (Look for those at yard sales, too.) Mounted jar openers and oven rack pullers can be life savers and use a cart with wheels when unloading the dishwasher. You can then roll it easily to the cupboards.

3. Make minor modifications.
Consider a roll of rubbery mesh material which may be used to wrap utensil handles, giving them a tacky surface, easier to grip. It also comes in handy for opening those pesky jar lids. Think about lining shelves with it, too, which will help to hold items in place, even if your grasp is clumsy.

4. Have meals delivered.
Home delivered meals can be a great option, alleviating the need for shopping and cooking. Mom’s Meals has options for those on a heart-healthy diet, diabetes or kidney disease needs, gluten-free and vegetarian choices.

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