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Tips to Keep your Car Running Safely

These things may seem simple, but not doing

These things may seem simple, but not doing them often enough could leave your car damaged or find you in an unsafe situation!

1. Change your car's oil about every 3,500 miles. Check in between changes and add oil if it is low.
2. Change the transmission fluid and filter every 100,000 miles.
3. Check tire pressure often to ensure that appropriate pressure is maintained. For most cars this is 28 to 32 pounds per square inch.
4. Change windshield wiper blades about every three to four months to ensure that they are working effectively. Also make sure that the washer fluid pump is working effectively and is full.
5. Check the coolant every so often to ensure that your car does not overheat. (many cars have sensors for this)
6. Check headlights and tail lights often

*Note these are generalities and some cars require special care!