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Tips to Keep Your Immune System Healthy

1. Take a multivitamin 2. Eat a balanced

1. Take a multivitamin
2. Eat a balanced diet - if you know that you struggle with eating certain things, for example if you don't like milk, take a vitamin that makes up for that. I don't like milk so I take a calcium vitamin.
3. Probiotics are great if you have problems with your gut. Your gut processes the toxins from your body, so this is the center of your health!
4. If you know that your immune system is struggling or if you know that you get colds a lot in general, try an immune health supplement like Ecinacea.
5. During flu season or when you are around people who are sick, drink emergen-c or some other immune booster.
6. Get adequate sleep. When your body is worn down it is so much harder to fight what a body with normal amounts of rest would easily fight off.
7. Good exercise relieves tension, helps you deal with stress and keeps you in shape. This keeps you healthier in general!

*a local emergency room nurse provided some of the information for this tip