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Tips to Prevent Winter Depression

Winter depression, or Seasonal Affectional Disorder, is a

Winter depression, or Seasonal Affectional Disorder, is a seasonal issue that creates issues for lots of people. It's thought to be a withdrawal reaction to the general lack of sunshine in the wintertime. Whatever's causing those winter blues, use these tips from B>U to beat them!

1. Experts say exercise can be the most preventative care to depression because increased blood flow helps generate the serotonin chemicals that affect mood. If the climate is too harsh in the winter, consider joining a gym. Workouts are good at home but with a gym membership, it will force interaction with others which is also good in helping fight depression.

2. Find the sunlight. Sunlight provides Vitamin D which is good for the body, mind and soul. Try to get out doors more. Open the curtains and shades for more natural light. There are also light bulbs that emulate natural light.

3. Eat a healthy diet. Many foods weigh people down literally and figuratively. Nutritious foods, which include many vegetables, can be energetic and helps weight loss.

4. Create events to look forward to going. Create a special night out or a day at the spa during the week. Plan weekend trips or social get togethers. Creating lights at the end of the tunnel help people stay positive.

5. Stay connected. Even if it's only through Facebook, Skype or on the phone. Loneliness begets depression so it is important to make the effort to have social engagement.

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