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Tool Kit to Keep Your Car Shiny Inside and Out

There are many products that help keep each

There are many products that help keep each part of your car at its best. Keep in mind that certain cars with specific paint styles or colors need special care, identify if yours is one of those before using products! Products on the left are for the outside and the right are for the inside. Start with the outside:

1. Engine shine keeps your car clean and shiny under the hood, just be sure to follow the directions!
2. Brake parts cleaner will keep your brake parts clean and shined up when used properly.
3. Use bug and tar pre-wash gel to remove tough spots before washing your car.
4. Mr. Clean Concentrated Car Wash. There is also a hose attachment for when you wash your car. Add the aforementioned soap, wash with normal water and then rinse with filtered water to avoid water spots.
5. After washing car, get a proper waxing pad and apply wax in a circular motion section by section. After each section go back and wipe wax off with soft towels. Make sure to avoid cracks where parts of the car meet, door handles etc.
6. Invisible glass is great for keeping windows clean and smudge-free.
7. Use wheel cleaner and then shield or some other kind of tire cleaner and protectant. Follow with tire shine to experience best appearance results.
8. You can buy specific touch-up paint, paint to cover rust and other specific products to keep your car looking its best at automotive stores like Autozone.

1.Use either leather cleaner or upholstery cleaner to care for the interior of the car based on the material.
2. Clean the carpets with carpet cleaner and vacuum frequently.
3. Use Purple Power or some other type of protectant for the dash and other plastic areas.

*always test products on small areas before using it on the whole car if directed to do so and follow all directions on each bottle!