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Trust Your Instincts

Sometimes things just do not make sense and a doctor even tells you there isn't a connection.

Example 1: My cousin's ears would turn bright red the day before we had an asthma attack. The doctors said there was no way that could be connected. But his mother always knew to act early to help prevent an asthma attack when she saw his ears turn bright red.

Example 2: My sister would have bladder spasms when she took a multivitamin. The doctor said there was no correlation between vitamins and her bladder spasms. My mother's instincts told her otherwise and so she stopped giving them to her and the spasms stopped. A couple years later Mom reintroduced a multivitamin to my sister and her bladder spasms reappeared after 2 years of no issues.

Sometimes things happen that we can't explain. But as parents we need to keep an eye out on our children and trust our instincts.