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Unclog a Drain without the Plumber

Have you ever had a clogged drain? Many

Have you ever had a clogged drain? Many of us have had the dilemma at some time or another. Hair and other deposited bits can clog a drain, making it a hassel. So here is a quick way to unclog the drain without calling a plumber.

First, get a wire hanger. Next, leaving the hooked part untouched, bend and pull the triangled shape until it is as straight as you can get it . After that, bend and curl half the length of it into a spring shape. Lastly, at the end of the spring shape, curl the end upward.

*Note* Depending on the drain size, the spring size will been to be adjusted. Also, a pair of needle nose-pliers can be used with the bending.

Now, you are ready to put it to work. With this tool, you can wind it down into the drain to pull out and loosen the clog. Hope it helps!