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If you're like me, meeting new people can

If you're like me, meeting new people can be difficult. Especially when you move to a new area or maybe the friends you did have have left. This is the situation I found myself in when I moved back to the Hampton Roads area. Even though I grew up here, most of the people I knew had moved away or had their own families they were busy with. So much of my first year back, I was on my own. Going out to eat alone, going to the movies alone. I just was not sure what to do to find people my own age who were able to hang out. Then I stumbled across This is a website that allows you to meet other people in a completely platonic way. Once you sign up, you are able to join a group that interest you, and then go to the scheduled events. As a result of using this site, I have made tons of new friends. So if you are needing a boast in your social life, check out