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What does commercial law involve?

Commercial law is the branch of law responsible

Commercial law is the branch of law responsible for the regulation of relations relating to persons, acts, places and contracts of commerce.

Commercial law is a branch of private law and encompasses all standards relating to traders in the practice of their profession. At the general level, it is necessary to say that it is the branch of law that regulates the exercise of commercial activity.

It is possible to distinguish between two criteria in commercial law. The objective criterion is that which concerns the acts of commerce themselves. On the other hand, the subjective test has to do with the person who plays the role of trader.

Commercial law is not static, as it adapts to the changing needs of business, the market, and society in general. However, five basic principles are always respected: it is a professional right (insofar as it resolves conflicts peculiar to entrepreneurs), individualistic (it is part of private law and regulates relations between private individuals), (it is based on the customs of traders), progressive (it evolves over time) and internationalized (it adapts to the phenomenon of globalization).
The commercial lawyers are the best to advise you and to guide you in the various procedures ... As it has already been said, the lawyer in commercial law is brought to represent and / or to defend your interests before the commercial court.