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When Water Isn't Enough

On those hot, humid summer days when you feel as though you are standing next to the equator, water is a necessity. These particular days can be deadly when sports are thrown into the mix. It is always important to have water at hand. But what happens when you are sweating out all of your body’s electrolytes quicker than you can replenish them?

5 Signs Water isn’t Doing The Trick
1. Feelings of dizziness
2. Continual feeling of thirst
3. Overheating
4. Light Headedness
5. Nausea

When these symptoms are occurring it is time to switch to an electrolyte rich drink. You need a drink that will replenish the electrolytes you have lost due to sweating. When choosing an electrolyte drink watch out for unhealthy fillers and additives.

Healthy Homemade Electrolyte Drink
- ¼ cup lemon juice
- 1 teaspoon salt
- Juice of 1 whole orange
- 1 liter of water
mix all ingredients together and pour into a water bottle with ice.