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Why Water Is A Great Hangover Remedy

There are so many rumours about how to avoid, cure and generally beat hangovers. In one of those rare twists on nature, this is one of those instances in which the simplest solution actually works: drinking water.

Drink a glass of water with every alcoholic drink you have to ward of drunkenness. Drink plenty of water after drinking and before sleeping. Have some water ready to drink when you wake up to chase away the hangover. It seems far too simple to work.

But it does - and here is why.

Alcohol makes your digestive system - particularly the part the processes liquids - work overtime. It processes everything you drink and then expects more. When you don't drink any more, it takes water from within the body and starts processing that. The brain has more water in it than any other organ, so that is where liquid is diverted from. When the brain is (metaphorically) drained, it shrinks as the water makes up most of its mass. As it shrinks, the nerves attaching it to the skull are stretched and they hurt, which causes the headaches typically associated with a hangover.

If you remain hydrated enough that you are consuming as much liquids as your kidneys expect, they won't take any water from your brain and you will have considerably less of a headache.