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Women Building Habitat Homes

Have you ever wanted to volunteer on a Habitat build site but feel that lack of experience is holding you back?

Women Build is about empowering women to build Habitat homes while learning new skills in a safe and comfortable environment. No experience required! Female volunteers come together to learn, laugh, and encourage one another to embrace their inner builder.
Female volunteers in trademark pink hard hats? Not something you would expect to see on a typical construction site. Nevertheless, Women Build volunteers are hard at work discovering new talents while stepping out of their comfort zones. While Women Build is about empowering women, it is not about excluding men. Men are welcome on a Women Build site!
In fact, we encourage male volunteers to take on less traditional roles such as Site Host or Hospitality Coordinator.
Our next build will take place on George Street North in Peterborough-Spring, 2014. We will be building a semi-detached home and hope to engage more female volunteers in this project than ever before! Visit to register online as a volunteer.